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Order - My adolescent within is learning order - Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner

Posted on January 23, 2015 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (1)
My therapeutic perspective of the growth occurring in Rokelle's affirmation:-

6th January - Order - My adolescent within is learning order - Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner

As a teenager, I hated it when my mom told me to clean my room ("I feel controlled").  It was my room, wasn't it? ("She is trying to control me" "I don't feel heard"). I could decide how I wanted to live. ("I have the right to choose").  So, in rebellion, I made certain my bedroom was always a mess - shoes and clothes and worse strewn on the floor ("She will notice me now").

As an adult, I'm still stuck with my rebellious teenager ("It's hard to change my ways and my beliefs").  Sometimes I think his piles of trash will bury me ("I may have created my own mess that is burdening me").  Cleaning up after him leaves me angry and exhausted ("I am tired of being this way").

Today I will take control of my environment, I no longer have to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of housekeeping tasks. ("I choose to change my situation").  I make my own messes and I will clean them up ("I am going to take responsibility").  When I have finished using something, I will put it back ("I am going to learn new healthy behaviours").  I make sure I am not inadvertently bringing the outside inside ("I will not dwell on the past").  I will work with, instead of against myself ("I have new  awareness of myself and my needs").  Today my environment will reflect my inner accord ("I am closer to being my true self").

Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner - 29th March

Posted on March 28, 2014 at 7:52 AM Comments comments (2)
28th March - TRUST

I trust myself

My inner child does not trust herself to cross the street without being hit by a car or to walk on a mountain path without falling off a ledge.  The committee inside her head says, "You can't do that.  You're too little, clumsy, too dumb."  She reaches out for hands to hold, expecting others to steady her step.  Once again, there are no hands to count on.  She freezes, frightened to move on her own.

Today I will take myself into my own hands, confident in their strength and capability.  I will remain calm and listen to my inner wisdom, the voice that says, "Go ahead, I trust you.  You'll be fine.". I walk hand in hand with my inner child until she is ready to let go.

Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner - 19th March - TRUTH

Posted on March 19, 2014 at 10:02 AM Comments comments (1)


As a child I needed to distort my vision of truth in order to survive.  When Dad was passed out on the floor from drinking, I held up my mental kaleidoscope and saw that he was napping.  How could I have believed otherwise?

Unfortunately the distortion that allowed me to survive in childhood is destroying my adulthood.  When I view life through my childhood lens, I don't see people for who they are and I stay in abusive situations.

Today I will put away my old kaleidoscope.  I will view my relationships through the eyes of an adult and no the eyes of a frightened child.  No longer will I lie to myself or anyone else.  Living in fantasy is painful but gradually I am overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of telling myself the truth.

"Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner (1990) p.78

Daily Affirmations for Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner - 18th March

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 12:18 PM Comments comments (3)
18th March - TWO-YEAR-OLD

My inner child is the source of my vitality.

I will let my energy flourish today.  I will pay attention to what I am feeling and express it.

The two-year-old within me needs to release emotions.  This precious child had to curb all her vitality to be safe,.  Expressing anger, defiance or fear was often dangerous.  All too often I had to hide from mother's disapproving eyes or father's violence.  I thought if I really let my feelings show, my parents would leave and I would be alone.

Today my two-year-old is present and very much alive and I will love her the way she needs to be loved.  This means that I can own my defiance and my stubbornness and not shame her.  I will allow my inner child to heal by allowing myself to disagree with others.  If I am in a dependent relationship, it is my two-year-old who will help me to separate.  When I am taking a stand or stating a position, it is my precious little one who will give me the fuel to do it.

"Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner (1990) p.77

Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner - 16th March - Adolescence

Posted on March 16, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (4)
16th March - ADOLESCENCE

Today I will be patient with my inner adolescent.

A cacophony of sound assaults the ears as a symphony orchestra tunes their instruments.  The disquieting bleats, screeches and bellows are quite unlike the harmonious and beautiful music to come.  If patrons prejudge the scheduled performance solely by the tune-up, they would leave in a huff, never guessing the splendour of the music to follow.

Adolescence is like the tuning of a symphony orchestra.  A whirlwind of emotions, decisions and actions creates distortion and confusion for adolescents and adults alike.  It takes a good amount of patience to outlast the cacophony and await a beautiful symphony.  Sometimes I am once again an adolescent, creating ugly, disjointed noises of my own.  Too often I become discouraged by mistaking this confusion for the end result.  Today I will see it as the tuning-up process, the preparation for a great symphony to come.

"Daily Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Roselle Lerner (1990) p.75

28th January - Spirituality

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 6:11 AM Comments comments (1)
28th January - Spirituality

Today I will contemplate the source of my strength.

The house is quiet.  My heart is not.  My children lie sleeping on this hot afternoon.  The blinds gently slap the windows.  

Evidence of my success hangs on the wall before me.  Symbols of the love of friends lie here and there on my desk.  Encouraging words are placed about where I can easily see them.  Yet past successes, the love of friends and encouraging words don't seem to help me break through the uneasiness, dissatisfaction and fear.

So I will take time out to talk to my Higher Power.  I need to hand over, one by one, the things that are disturbing my peace.  I give them in exchange for a new peace that can come only from meditating on the source of my strength.

"Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner (1990) p.28

24th January - Receiving

Posted on January 24, 2014 at 6:07 AM Comments comments (1)
24th January - Receiving

I am willing to receive love.

Love is the food my infant self needs to survive and the universe exists to provide that love.  Like a baby, I open my mouth and take love in.  I feel the sweet honey of love pour into my body, filling me with warm comfort.  I hear love in all the sounds of life: the birds chattering in the trees, the wind blowing between the buildings, the laughter of children playing.  I feel love in the touch of others, in the tongue of a dog licking my face, in the sun's rays.  I open my eyes and see love in the faces of everyone I meet.  I am filled to overflowing.

Love is available to me in many forms.  Today I will broaden my rigid notions of how love is to be packaged and delivered.  I will open myself to receiving the vast expressions of God's love in this world.

"Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner (1990) p.24

21st January - Aging

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 6:01 AM Comments comments (2)
21st January - Aging

I am lovable at every age.

As a child, I was at once fascinated and repelled by old people.  Their wrinkly rough faces were so different from my smooth glowing cheeks.  They smelled like sour milk or heavy perfume.  An old smell.  They couldn't move as quickly as I could.  They ran out of energy.  They hated noise.  Their future held only sickness and death.  I swore I would never grow old.

At this unique moment in my adult life, I take the opportunity to look at both the past and the future with clear vision.  As I look back at my child self, I respect the feelings I had then.  Yet I see them for what they are: the perceptions of a child made through the distorted lens of childhood.  As I look forward to my aged self, I respect the self I will become, the self who unashamedly wears the scars and signs of having lived a full life.

At this moment I love and respect all of what I was, am and will be.  We are joined forever in a warm, loving embrace.

"Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner (1990, p.20)

16th January - Faith

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 5:23 PM Comments comments (0)
16th January - Faith 

I will move ahead when things go wrong.

One of the major challenges of my recovery has been overcoming the negative programming from my childhood.  Chaos and catastrophe were all I knew in my dysfunctional family, so I grew up expecting life to turn out badly.  A large part of my inner work has been to discard my expectations of catastrophe and replace them with positive expectations.

Yet the hammer blows of life still threaten to break apart the recovery scaffolding I've so carefully erected.  When I'm disappointed or feeling lonely, the old tapes begin to play inside my head.  "You'll never find happiness" they mock.

Today when reversals happen in my life, I will not take them as evidence of certain doom.  Instead I will reaffirm my belief in my own success.  i will review how far I have come in my journey toward health and wholeness.  Today I will move ahead with optimism and with faith in myself.

"Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner (1990, p.16)

14th January - Resourceful

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 4:17 PM Comments comments (0)
14th January - Resourceful 

I am resourceful in helping my inner child.

Children enjoy both receiving and giving help.  A young child will ask anyone - a parent, a stranger, the governor of the state - to help them fasten a difficult zipper or buckle.  A young child will also eagerly offer to help a parent wash the dishes.

While growing up, I received mixed message from my parents, "You can ask for help but don't disturb me".  I felt shame for having need and I learned that there were strings attached for any assistance given to me.  As a result, I learned to silence my requests for help.

Today I welcome the requests of my inner child.  I respond with attentiveness and resourcefulness.  I am able to ask for help when I need it and I respond to others' needs out of free choice rather than guilt.  As my ability to give and receive becomes healthier, I am able to attend to my inner child.

"Affirmations for the Inner Child" by Rokelle Lerner - 1990, p.14